Return Policy

At Herb-N-Tees 420 Friendly Stoner Clothing, we strive to present the highest quality product possible. Since our marijuana t-shirts and hoodies are printed on demand, we generally Do Not accept returns. However, nothing is one hundred percent or set in stone. Therefore, we'll handle each complaint on a stoner by stoner basis. If we have made a mistake in your weed shirt order or if your dissatisfaction is due to the quality of print, we hope to be able to come to a 420 friendly resolution. Depending on the circumstances of a legitimate complaint, we will either reprint or refund your order. We just ask that you take a picture of your weed shirt and send to the contact address provided on the bottom of our Terms & Conditions page. Then fill out and submit the Product Returns form. We will be in contact with you as soon as we have made a decision.