Is Stoner Fashion Here to Stay?

Whether you are 420 friendly or not, unless you live under a rock, when thinking of stoner fashion, also known as pothead clothing, you might relate it to the stigma that was placed on people who smoked marijuana after it was banned and placed on the Schedule 1 drug list alongside heroin, LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid) and a few other hard core drugs, back in the early 1900s. It was only after these laws went into effect that the names stoner, pothead and a few others were derived. At that time, anyone who was caught dead wearing anything associated with the use of marijuana was, at the very least, frowned upon. In some cases they were harassed and had the pothead stereo type placed on them. That didn’t stop or discourage true weed smokers from lighting up and it didn’t keep others from wearing exactly what they wanted to wear. They just did it more discreetly and in most cases, only among close friends.

Most prevalently in the late 1960s to the1970s, there seemed to be a surge in the number of people who engaged in the blowing of the trees. There was never really an accurate count because, of course, there was no one willing to confess to it on paper. Some of those that emerged began to become defiant and act out, as it has been reported, in many ways such as getting their smoke on in public and wearing an exaggerated amount of marijuana related clothing; mostly tie dyed t-shirts and some gaudy looking jewelry. There were also a few other little trinket type items that helped to keep the trend afloat for as long as it did. Somehow, wearing these shirts and trinkets seemed to liberate these flower children, as they were called, in some way and give them a sense of freedom. I’m quite sure the marijuana they were smoking played a significant part in that sense of freedom. Anyway, you still might be able to find some of this old time stoner fashion at a street fair near you, if you take the time to look for it. 

There has been an undeniable change in society since the 1970s, the fail of the so called war on drugs and the introduction of medical marijuana. Weed has increasingly become more tolerable if not acceptable, not only across the United Stated, but also around the entire world. In the Unites States, more than half the country has adopted various propositions supporting the legalization of medical marijuana. More significant than that, at least seven states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Many more states are sure to follow, especially after they get a load of the profits that are being made by those states that have already decided to free the weed. With this new found acceptance, along with the economy growth potential, marijuana has been able to come a long way and is continuing to climb the ladder in the fashion world. Some may even say that they are really doing too damn much with the cannabis clothing. You might expect the haters to be adverse to this fashion but even some regular marijuana smokers think that it might be just a bit too much. But, the bottom line is, if there was not a demand for pothead clothing, there would be no need for the supply of it.

Make no mistake about it. 420 apparel is no longer the flower child, hippie clothing, found only at swap meets and old-time head shops that you might remember, from long ago. Not to mention the fact that fashion, in general, has gone through a serious up tick. With so many 420 functions to attend such as concerts, dispensary gatherings and of course the big 420 day in April of every year, the modern day weed smoker, not only wants but, expects a lot more from their marijuana clothing. Even if you are a stoner, you still want to have the freshest 420 apparel whether you are attending an elaborate function or just sitting around getting blazed with your smoking buddies. So instead of just having rainbow, tie dyed t-shirts with a single marijuana leaf on them, now there are a variety of different designs as well as garments to choose from. With skilled graphic artists and updated image editing software, the cannabis apparel industry has been taken to a whole new level. Technology and new printing processes have also stepped up the apparel design game, allowing items that you would never have thought of, to be printed on. Just about everything has become a canvas for stoner fashion. Now you can expect to see entire outfits, complete with accessories, riddled with the infamous leaf or some other form of the plant. There doesn’t really seem to be anything that is off limits.

In the states that have legal, medical as well as recreational marijuana such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Nevada, stoner apparel sales have gone through the roof. In these states, it is not uncommon to walk into a liquor store or convenience store and not be able to find something that is bearing at least a single marijuana leaf. But, we are not just talking t-shirts here. You are also liable to find shoes, hats, socks, jewelry and even underwear. I have also seen a necklace with a marijuana bud on it that almost looked real enough to smoke. Some marijuana smokers have brilliant imaginations. Who knows what we will see next or how long these fashion trends will continue to gain traction.

For those of you who strongly dislike and are tired of seeing the marijuana leaf and such type clothing, have no fear. Most of these 420 friendly fashion trends will fade with time as the smoke settles and everyone gets comfortable with the idea of being able to get high legally. Some will last longer than others and some will die rather quickly. However, even after most of the smoke has cleared, and you start to see some of the trends fall to the wayside, at least three of the above fashion statements will outlast the others and remain a stoner favorite and on the market for many more years to come. This limited list consists of: 420 Snapbacks (stoner hats), 420 hoodies and stoner t-shirts.

420 Snapbacks 

Snapbacks have already made their mark on the fashion world. They’re great for so many reasons. They are very durable, easily adjustable to fit any size head and can be worn in a few different ways, just to name a few. They are also very convenient when you’re having a bad hair day. Adding a marijuana leaf or some other form of 420 friendly symbol makes them a favorite in the marijuana fashion community.  New embroidery machines and techniques make it possible for more intricate detail so there a plethora of designs available and new ones popping up on the 

internet all the time. The latest trend is to create your own. You are always ready to represent with a 420 Snapback because it is so easy to just throw it on and go. This is a gravy train that the marijuana fashion community will be able to ride out on for years to come.

420 Hoodies 

Just like the Snapbacks, hoodies (hooded pullover sweatshirts) have been making their mark on the fashion community for quite some time and have already captured a significant target market. Although, in recent years, hoodies have been associated with bad press because everyone that commits or is alleged of committing a crime seems to be wearing one. But when 420 designs are added to them, they are, for many good reasons, a favorite among the cannabis community. They can create a warm and toasty personal space while getting toasted when attending one of those outdoor, cool weather smoke sessions. The hood slides on and off with ease, to keep the ears warm and regulate body temperature as needed. We don’t even have to mention how comfortable and convenient the front pouch is, to tuck hands in and carry all of the essential stoner supplies. Stoner hoodies are continuing to work their way up the stoner apparel ladder and are becoming increasingly more popular as the marijuana industry continues to grow and more 420 friendly designers use hoodies as their canvas of choice. 

Stoner T-shirts 

Last but not least, we come to stoner t-shirts, Although 420 hoodies are gaining ground and becoming a favorite, especially during the colder seasons, t-shirts have been around the longest and have been the world’s favorite go-to garment for over 100 years. T-shirts are comfortable, easy to care for and can be paired with just about anything you can pull out of your closet. They can be dressed up or dressed down to complete almost any outfit. They are the perfect canvas for creative designs and the printers have mastered the process of getting the colors on a t-shirt, just right. That is why the stoner t-shirt is on the rise. However, these are not the simple, single marijuana leaf shirt that you might remember from an earlier time. The new 420 friendly shirts have evolved into much more clever, eye catching designs that capture and express a multitude of personalities. That makes them the first choice when it comes to small business promotional items. Almost all cannabis growers, vendors and dispensaries have their own t-shirt line or at least shirts made with their own logo on them. Stoner t-shirts have always been and will continue to be the staple when it comes to stoner fashion.

Each of these articles of clothing has stood and can stand alone to make their own statement, individually. However, they can also be layered and worn together to make a more impactful statement. 

Although weed shirts and accessories fizzled out after the big boom in the 1970s, the 420 apparel entrepreneurs came back with a serious vengeance. Marijuana clothing is everywhere. Weed smokers are wearing their stoner gear proudly as they go about their day. Some critics may say that  

marijuana clothing is doing way too much. It very well may be, for some. As mentioned earlier, most of these new fashions trends will fade with the smoke but you can definitely count on the tried and true favorites to hold their ground and keep stoners covered for many years to come. You can’t blame the crafty fashion entrepreneurs for taking advantage of the opportunity that is provided by this quickly thriving market. As long as marijuana continues to gain acceptance, their hustle will surely continue to pay off. 

Make no mistake about it. It’s not just the individual entrepreneurs that are benefiting from the relaxation of the cannabis laws. They are far from the top of the food chain. State government agencies are raking in millions, if not billions of dollars annually. Nevada pulled in a whopping 3.6 million, in sales tax alone, in July of 2017, its very first month of recreational marijuana sales. Colorado and other states have seen similar numbers. There is no doubt that the numbers will continue to see an increase, thus emerging a steady flow of pot smoking enthusiasts. Again, as the demand for legal marijuana increases, so will the demand for stoner apparel. That is not to say that all stoners will buy 420 clothing. Some will only want to spend their money on the marijuana. However, As long as the pockets of those at the top of the food chain continue to get fat and there are cannabis smokers to create a market, there will always be cannabis clothing. Not only is stoner fashion here to stay but it is still on the come up, whether you like or not.



  • Is Stoner Fashion Here to Stay?