About Us

At Herb-N-Tees 420 Friendly Stoner Clothing, we like herb and we like tees. We came up with a way to pair those two loves together. With high tech printing processes and innovative designs, have reinvented the ordinary marijuana t-shirt into high quality, meaningful designs presented on fashionable garments. All shirts are of a quality that we will proudly stand behind. Herb-N-Tees 420 Friendly Stoner Clothing was created for the average marijuana smoker, looking to uniquely express themselves in something other than the average 420 friendly t-shirt. We provide an exclusive collection of high quality, brightly colored and smartly detailed weed shirts and hoodies for stoner men and women. There are several designs and shirt colors to choose from so pick your design and shirt color to make it your own. We usually ship within seven days. Check our delivery information page for more details.

We are not here to offend anyone. We promote freedom of expression. So if you find this site offensive, please keep it moving without offending us.